Trust Your Distrust

Do you occasionally distrust politicians as well as the electoral process?  Do you distrust Congress?  Do you distrust there is a candidate among those being offered that FULLY embraces your opinions, beliefs, and values?   Do you distrust that you will not have to compromise when voting?

And if you’ve already selected a candidate, do you sometimes find you distrust that he is saying what he truly means, and may only be saying what people want to hear? And when you think of him being elected, do you distrust he will remain true to his beliefs?  His promises? Throughout his term.

Perhaps the situation has become extreme and drastic enough for you to finally Trust Your Distrust. If so, maybe you’re ready for Just Representation; a bold, daring congresional candidate who will not impose his beliefs.  Will not voice his opinion.  And will have no need to make promises or compromises.  Honestly. 

If you’re ready to actually give pure democracy a try, go to Just to learn more about this bold step. No Opinion.    No Party.    No Kidding.

             Just Your Voice.    Just Your Opinion.

                       JUST REPRESENTATION   

                          It’s Politics As Unusual

Does a slim majority equal a fat chance?

 MAJORITY  (Merriam-Webster)

1. obsolete : the quality or state of being greater

2. a: the age at which full civil rights are accorded
    b : the status of one who has attained this age   
3. a: a number or percentage equaling more than half of a
         total – a majority of voters – a two-thirds majority
  b : the excess of a majority over the remainder of the total  
        margin won by a majority of 10 votes
  c : the greater quantity or share – the majority of the time -
4. the group or political party having the greater number of votes (as in a legislature)
5. the military office, rank, or commission of a major